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"Jordanian Food with a Picky Eater" by Michaela Arguin

"Jordanian Food with a Picky Eater" by Michaela Arguin

I have tried so many amazing foods here throughout the first two weeks, Jordanian and otherwise! It’s been super interesting trying new foods, especially since at home I eat the same thing everyday.

Here are just some of the photos and foods that my classmates and I have explored so far!

This was a traditional Jordanian Lunch at Reem Al-Bawadi Restaurant. We went with all of the students, professors and faculty at AMIDEAST Amman. There were three courses. Pictured here is the appetizer with tabouleh, hummus, fries, grape leaves, and vegetables. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

More of our lunch at Reem Al-Bawadi Restaurant! The main course had french fries, grilled veggies and different types of meat. I was really happy to see that I loved the different meats and even the grilled veggies - something new for me! Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

Falafel with hummus and pita has been a staple for us. We eat it basically everyday. The falafel here is the best we have had yet from a cafe in Abdoun Circle. Falafel is now my new favorite food! I would had never tried it before coming here or thought I would try it while in Jordan, but now I can’t get enough. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

Another staple item we have been having a TON is lentil soup! My friend Elizabeth and I have gotten it at every café so far. It comes with breadcrumbs and it is delicious. My host mom also makes amazing lentil soup from scratch. The one pictured here is from Books@Cafe on Rainbow Street. This is another food I would normally never try in America! Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

Another thing we have seen a lot is flat breads of pita with labneh or yogurt. At first, I really hated the labneh and was super hesitant to eat it, especially with tomatoes, but the combo has really grown on me! This one was delicious and from Sade Café near Rainbow Street with labneh, olives, and tomatoes. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

There have also been a lot of amazing deserts, both traditional and non-traditional! This is a photo of basbousa, a coconut sweet cake. I love sweets, so this was certainly not out of my comfort zone! This one is from a bakery on Rainbow Street. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

We have also been eating a lot of ice cream! Our favorite spot is Four Winters which makes its ice cream in front of you with liquid nitrogen. Four Winters is a chain with one location near Abdali Mall on the Boulevard and another location in Abdoun. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

There have also been a lot of great drinks, such as many different types of tea. We have also fallen in love with Turkish coffee! This one is from Rumi Café in Weibdeh. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

We’re making our own Turkish coffee downtown at Jafra Café! Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

And this one is an iced latte from Sade. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

Surprisingly, we have also found a ton of American food, and some of it is better than in America! This photo was taken at Tim’s Burgers on Rainbow Street with the owner - Tim! These burgers were delicious and super cheap. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

We’ve also had a lot of pizza! This is from our first night in Amman at Fettuccini House. We have also had pizza at an Italian Place in Dabouq, as well as at Jafra Café downtown. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

Another favorite of ours to try has been nachos! In Amman, they are made with Doritos, which makes them so much better! These nachos are from Vu’s on Rainbow Street. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

More nachos! These are from the Rustic Eatery in Weibdah. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

Last but not least, my host mom is an AMAZING cook! She makes me fresh tea and sandwiches every morning as well as more traditional foods. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

Here is a more traditional breakfast prepared by my host mom. This was a meal that I was really worried I wouldn’t like, and at home it is something I would have ignored, but the combination of pita, zaatar, olive oil and labneh is actually really good! There have been some things that I haven’t been able to get on board with, like the eggplant (also pictured), but I was proud of myself for trying it! Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

Lastly, two STAPLES of life in Amman are both places Downtown. The first is Hashem Restaurant, where everything is delicious, simple, and authentically Jordanian. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

The other staple is Habibeh, who has the BEST knafeh in all of Amman! Definitely must try! I was convinced I was going to hate knafeh when my friend Cole told me that it was basically melted sweet cheese - but it is probably one of the best things I’ve ever had! It’s also something I try to eat everyday here, so there goes my healthy diet. Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

The best meals are the ones that we share as a family all together. Every Thursday night, my host mom has her entire family over and there are two other girls from AMIDEAST that are hosted by their family as well. It’s been great to all hang out together and enjoy amazing food! I’ve been really adventurous in my time here, which is something that I’m proud of. And surprisingly, I haven’t found anything I truly didn’t like, so maybe I’m not that much of a picky eater after all!

Not pictured, but also delicious has been the truffle fries from the Blue Fig in Abdoun, mozzarella sticks at Maestro’s in Weibdeh, and the very traditional dish, mansaf, that my host mom made! These first two weeks here have been amazing and I can’t wait to see what other delicious meals I’ll be having in the next couple of months!

"An American in Rabat" by Max Aboko-Cole

"An American in Rabat" by Max Aboko-Cole

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