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"My Top 15 Places in Amman" by Michaela Arguin

"My Top 15 Places in Amman" by Michaela Arguin

1. Quicksand CrossFit in Abdoun — My favorite place, I wish I could bring it back home! Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

2. The Study House on Rainbow Street — 3 JD to stay there the whole day and just get work done! Photo credit: Arguin, 2019

3. Rustic in Weibdeh — BEST nachos in the city. Photo Credit: Arguin, 2019

4. Shai wa Na3Na3 in Abdoun Circle — Right near AMIDEAST. Has the NICEST staff on the planet. Photo Credit: Arguin, 2019

5. Abdali Mall in Abdali — Best movie theater!! Photo Credit: Arguin, 2019

6. Vis a Vis Café in Abdoun — Best and cheapest (3.5 JD) pesto pasta in the city. Photo Credit: Arguin, 2019

7. Amman Citadel in the Downtown area — Best place to have photo shoots with friends and learn more about the history of Amman! Photo Credit: Arguin, 2019

8. Pepper and Pine in Abdoun — Perfect place to get some healthy food and a taste of home. Photo Credit: Arguin, 2019

9. Hashem Restaurant in Downtown — Best place to satisfy falafel cravings. Photo Credit: Arguin, 2019

10. Wings and Rings at the 1st Circle — Some of my favorite memories of the semester are here, also has amazing popcorn chicken. Photo Credit: Arguin, 2019

11. Jadaal Center for Knowledge and Culture in Weibdeh/Downtown — The PERFECT outdoor study spot, pay by the hour. Photo Credit: Arguin, 2019

12. Jobedu/Mlabbas in Weibdeh/Rainbow Street — Best and funniest T-shirt shops! Me and my roommate Sophia wearing our favorite shirts: Thank God It’s Thursday! (since the weekends start on Thursday in Jordan…) Photo Credit: Arguin, 2019

13. Books@Cafe in Abdoun/Rainbow Street — Great study and munchie spot on Rainbow Street. Everything (I mean EVERYTHING) is 50% with student ID. Photo Credit: Arguin, 2019

14. Habibeh — The best knafeh in the city!! I brought my family here when they visited! Photo Credit: Arguin, 2019

15. Rumi in Weibdeh — Great spot if you want to feel some ex-pat/European vibes. Photo Credit: Arguin, 2019

"My Top 5 Experiences during My Time Abroad" by Ciara Tenney

"My Top 5 Experiences during My Time Abroad" by Ciara Tenney

"Bargaining" by Lane Fisher

"Bargaining" by Lane Fisher