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"Moroccan Views" by Lane Fisher

"Moroccan Views" by Lane Fisher

When visiting Morocco, you cannot forget to look up and out. Crane your head backwards (bring some pain medication for you neck!), and look at the patterns etched into the ceiling. Stare at the views, keep yourself looking forward and upward, you will not be disappointed.

In the Kasbah in Rabat, we sit and sip mint tea, watching the reflection of the sunset on the water. One of the most beautiful corners of Rabat, the Kasbah holds cats, tourists, and a spectacular view of the water. Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

The Rabat sunsets are to die for! It is a beautiful place to sit and stare over the open water. Sitting and reading here while watching the sunsets is one of the most incredible things I’ve had the opportunity to do in Rabat. Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

Just across the river from Rabat, Sale is decorated with history and brilliant with activity. The cemetery stretches along the river, and Rabat is visible from afar. Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

Spain shines in the distance from Tangier, and the view from the ramparts is breathtaking. The perfect place to try sfenj with fresh figs and goat cheese. Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

Fez, with the largest medina in Morocco, is a maze. I often spend so much time watching my feet that I forget to look skyward to see the windows and corners of buildings jutting out into open air, the crowded streets jumbled together to form the most intricate of patterns. Looking over the medina, from the Atlas mountains to the forts on the hills, is an incredible view. Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

Chefchaouen, the blue city, looks like it was carved into the very mountains themselves. The blue medina that attracts so many tourists is calming and tranquil. Hiking up to the Spanish mosque to catch a glimpse of the view, Chefchaouen does not disappoint at any angle. Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

Merzouga and the dunes of the Sahara, breathtaking and otherworldly, cast into doubt everything I thought I knew about the world. In the middle of miles and miles of sand, and under a sky full of stars unlike anything I had ever seen, I shared the most incredible trip with the loveliest people. Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

"Misconceptions about Morocco, Moroccans, and Moroccan Culture" by Isabella Dominique

"Misconceptions about Morocco, Moroccans, and Moroccan Culture" by Isabella Dominique