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"CATS!!" by Lane Fisher

"CATS!!" by Lane Fisher

If you haven’t already decided to travel to Morocco, let these 10 adorable Moroccan cats convince you to visit!


Morocco is SWARMING with street cats. They are everywhere, sunbathing, waiting under butchers stands, or sitting in doorsteps for the perfect pictures! They are simultaneously one of the most amazing and the most common thing about Morocco, and everyone wants to take one home. (Disclaimer: They’re cute, but make sure you have hand sanitizer or wash your hands afterwards if you want to give them some attention!)

My father, an avid dog lover, caves to the charm of a sweet history-loving cat in the magnificent ruins in Rabat. Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

A cat cuddles her kittens every morning on our walk to school. After waiting for the pregnant cat to give birth, it is a daily excitement to see and give scratches to the cutest cat on our walk! Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

In a busy market, a kitten, after purring around my feet for several minutes, makes its way to a tagine dish. If you aren’t yet in love with these cats, let this kitten sneaking into a tagine plate melt your cold heart. Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

There are literally hundreds of cat pictures in Morocco starring kitties and doors… There isn’t a ‘but’ here, they’re literally all amazing and I couldn’t begin to pick which ones were better than others. What does Morocco have to offer? Cats and doors!! Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

This particular kitty was LESS than happy with the attention we weren’t giving him. In Assilah, stopping to admire the surroundings, the crying of an ally cat demanded our attention AND our photographing skills. He’s telling you to come to Morocco! He wants scratches! Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

After clawing its way into the stool beside us, this cat in Fez settled in to purr to his heart’s content. The Fez medina is swarming with kittens, establishing their territory and becoming friends with passing tourists. Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

In Chefchaouen, on one of our many searches for sfenj, this pretty kitty approached us begging for attention. He reported that he loved the blue walls and that you should all come to fall in love with them as well!! Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

This Marrakechy kitten, camped out amidst the delicious and plentiful clementines, basked in the attention of what felt like several hundred tourists. It turns out this kitten loves clementines even more than I do, and I’m sure if you asked nicely it would share! Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

Surveying the crowded streets of Agadir, this queen cat reigns over her kingdom. Too far away to give proper attention, she watches us act as her paparazzi, and we are happy to comply. Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

In the quite moments on a dark street, a cat watches and patiently waits for her meat scraps. As the most important customer, she pays with purrs and meows. Most of these cats are well fed, and if this late-night shopurr is any indication, we know why. Photo credit: Fisher, 2019

"A Walk through the Medina" by Max Aboko-Cole

"A Walk through the Medina" by Max Aboko-Cole

Summer 2019 Photo Contest!

Summer 2019 Photo Contest!